Evidence shows that SMEs grow two to three times faster when they embrace digital technologies.

The Digital Innovations Growth Academy (DIGA) programme provides an opportunity for enterprise trainers and educators across Europe to enhance their digital knowledge and understanding. It enables them to consider how to integrate digital skills, tools and processes into starting up a business and developing training and support activities.

A 5-module learning programme has been designed based on extensive research that analysed the needs and experiences of learners who were considering entrepreneurship as a career option, entrepreneurs running their own small businesses together with their teachers and advisers.

diga learning programme
diga learning programme
diga learning programme


1. Enhancing Digital Awareness and Knowledge
2. The Role and Use of Digital Technologies and their Benefits to Business
3. Making Digital Deliver for the Start-up and Small Business
4. Enabling and Supporting the Development of an Entrepreneurial Digital Strategy
5. Designing Integrated (Digital Competence) Entrepreneur Support / Programmes

Each module involves sharing information and knowledge as well as small group and individual activities. Reports, case studies and a range of learning tools are included throughout the programme.

DIGA partners have introduced and piloted this programme with enterprise trainers, educators and strategic partners in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain and UK. The learning programme produced is a result of DIGA partners’ extensive research and evaluation of the pilots undertaken with enterprise trainers and educators. We have sought to ensure that the programme truly meets the needs of those training and supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses across Europe.

If you are interested in enhancing your digital knowledge and understanding to help SMEs integrate digital skills, tools and processes to grow faster, we invite you to explore and engage with our new DIGA Learning Programme. For a taster, follow the link to our Module 1 online platform below:

Module 1 English

The full DIGA Learning Programme is available in Bulgarian, English, Lithuanian, Slovenian and Spanish, accessible via the links below:

DIGA Learning Programme – Bulgarian
DIGA Learning Programme – English*
DIGA Learning Programme – Lithuanian
DIGA Learning Programme – Slovenian
DIGA Learning Programme – Spanish

* Email us directly to receive your course invitation / username & password.

DIGA Learning Programme Guidance has also been produced to provide guidelines on how to use the materials and resources along with further information for programme facilitators. This document is available in English, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Bulgarian and Spanish.

Please note that the DIGA Learning Programme has been developed and produced during 2016/17.

A comprehensive evaluation of DIGA learning programme has been undertaken with findings presented in:

i. DIGA Project Key messages paper
ii. DIGA Project Synthesis of DIGA learnings, policy and practice implications
iii. DIGA Project Case Study Findings

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