Followers of The Women’s Organisation blog may have already heard about our DIGA project, when we received our international partners to Liverpool back in February.

DIGA (Digital Innovations for Growth Academy) will be developing a new, innovative ICT and digital training programme for staff delivering education and training in the fields of entrepreneurship and business development.

Digital technology is rapidly transforming how people communicate, learn, work and manage new enterprises. Given its central role in personal and professional contexts research has been commissioned to figure out what digital technologies are used by entrepreneurs in education and training. This is what our Growth Academy (DIGA) project will do.

When we talk about digital technologies, we mean a large number of things, whether this is the social media that you use, of the data collection tools that you use, the type of email service, the type of cloud or online storage you use, pretty much anything.

To do this, we are seeking the view and experiences of learners, educators and entrepreneurs to help us improve and develop. YOU can help The Women’s Organisation and are international partners on our DIGA project by completing a survey!

There are three different surveys to choose from, and which one you can answer depends on your experience. We have:

Help The Women’s Organisation And Complete Our DIGA Survey!

Entrepreneurs Who Use Digital Technology

(Survey Here)

This one is for you if you are a Business owner, running your own business or starting your own business and use different digital technologies.

Educators Who Use Digital Technology

(Survey Here)

This one is for you if you are in the field of education, teaching and training, and specifically good for you if you teach students over a long period of time.

Learners Who Use Digital Technology

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And this survey is for you if you are a student or in education of any type, regardless of your age, and you use digital technology.

If you think you can help us and have 5 minutes to spare, please complete our survey, and help The Women’s Organisation with their Digital Innovations for Growth Academy (DIGA) project.