Over the past two and a half years, partners of the Erasmus+ DIGA – Digital Innovations for Growth Academy – Project have been developing an innovative learning programme for enterprise trainers and educators (ETEs).

Recognising how digital technology is rapidly transforming how people communicate, learn, work and manage new enterprises and its central role in personal and professional contexts, the DIGA Project partners are delighted to share the resources they have developed.

The DIGA Learning Programme is designed to support colleagues delivering vocational education and training in the fields of entrepreneurship and business development so that entrepreneurs and small business owners better integrate digital technologies into their business start-up and development activities.

Our DIGA Learning Programme has been informed by extensive research into the needs of enterprise learners, teachers, advisers and entrepreneurs.

It is structured into 5 modules:

  • Enhancing Digital Awareness and Knowledge
  • The Role and Use of Digital Technologies and their Benefits to Business
  • Making Digital Deliver for the Start-up and Small Business
  • Enabling and Supporting the Development of an Entrepreneurial Digital Strategy
  • Designing Integrated (Digital Competence) Entrepreneur Support / Programmes

Each module involves information and knowledge, as well as small group and individual activities. Reports, case studies and a range of learning tools are integrated throughout.

The DIGA Learning Programme is available in Bulgarian, English, Lithuanian, Slovenian and Spanish. Visit the official DIGA Project website for more information and to access the learning resources.

The research and publications underpinning our work are also available, including reports and briefing papers by Dr Briga Hynes from University of Limerick and DIGA Project partner leading research activities.

As the DIGA Project enters its final stages to an end, we are pleased to have worked on such a great programme alongside our partners.

To find out more about DIGA Project check out our new videos in 6 languages and head to http://digaproject.eu/videos/. You can also follow DIGA on Twitter.